*We are working on online giving for the general church fund since we are unable to meet due to the coronavirus. We should have that link available by the end of the week (March 27th). Until then, the link below allows you to give to our youth group only.

There have been people in the past who do not attend our church but have voiced the desire to be able to give to our youth group. They have seen the great numbers of teens who have been saved, who are walking closer to Jesus, whose lives have been changed by the love of Jesus shown them at CCN and The Threshing Floor. They have heard the stories of lives that have been changed at multiple events our teens participate in (camp, Breakaway, lock-in, etc.). God has put it on the hearts of countless people who do not even attend our church to give financially. Some have asked if there was a way to give online. We now have that capability. For anyone who desires to support our youth group (but maybe doesn’t care anything about a freezer full of pizza or another t-shirt) you can now give online at the link below. For those who cannot give financially, we are forever grateful for the prayers that God had honored shown by the fruit of teens who are on fire for Jesus.